Radiant Deluxe Gift Box

Radiant Deluxe Gift Box

Our Radiant design is just that. 


Radiant in its splendour and magnificent to behold.


Flowers coloured in an ombre of dark transitioning into a lighter shade as you get to the tip of each petal, then outlined in a holographic silver that shimmers in every colour of the rainbow whenever the light hits it. 


Around this is an added wash of watercolour, hand-painted lightly and painstakingly to make the beauty of the flowers stand out even more


The textured foil base making a stunning contrasting backdrop for the silver cord wrapped lovingly around the base of the candle. 


Last but not least, we set a bright silver-coated cross charm at its centre accompanied on either side by the beauty of the vibrant rhinestone crystals.


This package comes with;


+ Personalised bespoke pillar candle 

  • Select from either a medium 20cm x 5cm or our larger sized 25cm x 7cm pillar candle


+ Personalised 10 cm bevel edge mirror candle plate


+ Gift box (White)24cm x 24cm x 9cm


+ Grosgrain saddle stitch ribbed ribbon (Black with white edge stitching)




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PriceFrom $65.00
Base Foil overlay colour
Floral Ombre Colour
Text foil colour